Installation view

Partition juxtaposes two images of the artist in opposing scales; one tiny and one life-size, both viewed in forced closeness. Visitors are invited to view the first image (6cm x 6cm) with a magnifying loupe. This is separated from the second image by a partition which forces a space of only a metre in between the viewer and the viewed. The method of viewing, in implicating the viewer, provokes an interaction with the images that put both the viewed and the viewer on display within the viewing space.



The two planes of sight - with the artist occupying three roles (maker, subject, viewer) - attempts to intensify a loop of looking and retain complexity without collapsing into the conventions of artistic tradition. The presence of the artist intends to give the images a sense of authority and authorship over her own body and performativity, denying a traditional construction of the male gaze as ownership, and re-presenting her as active artist rather than passive image.